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  1. I Think Getting Back to work this week, was the best thing for my Marriage.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife.  But after taking the week of Christmas off, I’m ready for some normal sanity in my day-to-day life.  What’s up with all the stress that comes with Christmas for some people?  The minute one activity ends, we need to start cleaning and “gearing up” for the next influx of relatives who are coming over to spoil my kids.
    Can’t we all just relax and not worry about it?  Apparently…………No. So I’m back at work today, before my wife decides to stuff me in a Christmas Stocking. 
  2. Why is it that so many people are upset with Health Care Reform, but nobody knows what it includes?  I’m all for Universal Health Care, but………shouldn’t Obama clearly tell us what it entails?  I think our dear President needs to take a lesson from former President Reagan.  Remember all those corny graphs and charts he showed the American people during his public addresses from the White House?  They were corny, but at least I knew what the hell he was talking about.
  3. Have I ever mentioned that my 10 year old son plays Select Soccer?  I was a very proud father, when I learned that he made the “A” team as the starting Striker (that’s a “Forward”, for non-soccer geeks).  I think my level of enthusiasm has been greatly damaged, with the knowledge that I have now received the honor of paying $2,100.00 for my son to play on this team. 
    I Think the amount of money parents have to pay for our kids to play sports has gotten way out of hand.  Granted, his team starts practice in January with the season not ending until November. But $2,100 for a 10 year old to play soccer?I Think I am going to need a second job, if the cost goes up every year.
  4. Our little girl recently joined the Girl Scouts.  She is about as happy as a 7 year old can be, because she gets to spend time with all her girlfriends.   Not having a sister, I knew nothing about the Girl Scouts. She going to be in a parade later this spring, and has spent time planting little trees at the park.  In other words, lot’s of fun stuff for 1st graders to do.
    Much to my surprise, I recently learned that I get to be involved as well.  As it turns out, there is a Daddy and Daughter Dance in January.  Never heard of such a thing, until now.
    I Think I am going to take this opportunity to teach my little girl how she is supposed to be treated by  a young man.  Call it my first step in teaching her what to look for in a nice guy.  
    I plan on wearing a suit, taking her out for a nice (and fun) dinner, and fully participating in all the dancing that is required.
  5. I finally joined Facebook.  The result has been an absolute blast, due to all the old High School and College friends I’m finding.  The funny part is, I found my old Collage sweet heart. I tried for several years to convince her to marry me while in school — with no luck. 
    Although I am much better off (and happier) for marrying Peg, I always wondered why it never worked out with my old sweetie.  Why wouldn’t she want to marry such a wonderful guy as me? 
    Thanks to Facebook, I finally found out why.  Turns out……….. she’s gay.
    It’s embarrassing to admit, but I Think I am strangely relieved to find out she’s gay and has a long term partner.
  6. I stumbled upon a blog recently, that you have to check out.  It’s written by a very cleaver Nun in California.  I’m not Catholic by any stretch of the imagination, but I find her wit to be a lot of fun to read.  Check her out at:  http://asksistermarymartha.blogspot.com/
  7. Are you as tired of the Tiger Woods news as I am?  Or are you revealing in his poor judgment? 
    I Think that it doesn’t matter how much fame you have, how rich or how poor your are………there is no discriminating when it comes to a persons lack of good judgment and common sense.

 That’s all for this addition, of Seven Things I Think I Think. 

Have fun celebrating the New Year!



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